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I'm with the Band Summary
Pamela Des Barres

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I'm with the Band Summary

Plot Summary

I'm With the Band, by Pamela Des Barres, is a tell-all of the author's youthful groupie adventures. Amplifying diary entries with vivid recollections, Miss Des Barres captures freedoms and attitudes as they bloom alongside flower power during the 1960s. A mass awareness has overtaken a generation, and something is in the air. Music and musicians represent social and political change. Few possess Miss Pamela's dedication, but her story portrays American Baby Boomer life as it comes of age and matures. Rock and Roll feeds rebel fantasies and, while her peers protest the war and march for causes, Miss Des Barres actualizes fantasies which, for her, evolve from lust into a quest for true love.

The author starts off with Pamela Miller, as a teen, watching in horror as Elvis gets his hair shaved for his Army stint. Quoted song lyrics elicit a sound-track that links teenagers across America...

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