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The Fall of Hyperion Summary
Dan Simmons

Everything you need to understand or teach Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons.

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The Fall of Hyperion Summary

Plot Summary

The John Keats cybrid that was killed in the previous book, Hyperion, has been given a new cybrid body and taken the name Joseph Severn. Because of his special relationship with the original Keats cybrid, the consciousness of which now resides in a neural shunt on the back of Brawne Lamia's head, Severn is able to see visions in his dreams of the events unfolding to Lamia and the other pilgrims on Hyperion. CEO Gladstone takes Severn on as an advisor so he may keep her informed of events on the planet of Hyperion.

The Ouster rebellion attacks the Hegemony of man at Hyperion. The Hegemony fleet is certain it will be able to defend the planet but is quickly proved wrong. CEO Gladstone has already been advised by the TechnoCore that the Ousters must be fought, for any attempt at arranging a peace will end with the...

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The Fall of Hyperion Study Guide

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