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Hush (2010 novel) Summary
Jacqueline Woodson

Everything you need to understand or teach Hush (2010 novel) by Jacqueline Woodson.

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Hush Summary

Plot Summary

When Officer Jonathan Green witnesses two white cops shoot down an unarmed black boy, he changes his family's lives when he decides to testify against his colleagues. After the trial, his wife and two daughters are relocated to an East Coast city where they have to start making new lives. They also grieve the loss of the old lives they knew in Denver. Toswiah, his younger daughter, is the narrator. The story that she tells, follows her journey with her older sister and their parents from despair and loss through trials, new experiences, and discoveries, until they find the new things and the new futures that will make life make sense to them again. Each in their way, Toswiah and her family members all discover that they are still themselves—and also that they have become something new, at the same time.

"All that you have is...

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