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4,527 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Kolin identifies the major themes of Hurlyburly and illustrates “how language, costume, gesture, movement, and stage symbol reveal character and idea” in the play... Read more
4,643 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Radavich argues that what separates Hurlyburly from other works that explore male homosocial relationships is Rabe's use of comedy and satire. Dramatic narratives of dec... Read more
6,045 words, approx. 21 pages
In the following essay, Cooper examines Rabe's utilization of expressionistic and absurdist techniques in Hurlyburly and views the play as an indictment of American capitalist culture. For Davi... Read more
1,153 words, approx. 4 pages
In the following review, Kauffmann discusses Hurlyburly as a reflection of contemporary American morality. The time capsule will be chock full. If such a capsule is arranged in the year 2000 to be ope... Read more
4,798 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Stafford argues that “the root cause of the social conditions in Hurlyburly arises from metaphysics, more specifically epistemology and ontology.” The worrisome p... Read more
1,259 words, approx. 5 pages
In the following, Leiter reviews Mike Nichols's production of Hurlyburly. Hyperbole as a staple of drama criticism is nothing new, and the nearly unanimous praise that has greeted David Rabe&#x... Read more
857 words, approx. 3 pages
In the following essay, Weales comments on an interview with Rabe and Neil Simon on the dark comedy found in Hurlyburly. There was a joint interview with Neil Simon and David Rabe in The New York Time... Read more
4,505 words, approx. 16 pages
In the following essay, Kolin analyzes Hurlyburly. Hurlyburly is David Rabe's auspicious seventh and most recent play. According to Jack Kroll, the play “made theatrical history of a sor... Read more