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Barbara O'Connor

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How to Steal a Dog Overview

Tired of sleeping in her family's car after being evicted, Georgina Hayes gets an idea. Inspired by an old missing dog poster, she decides to return a dog and claim a big reward to help her mom rent a new apartment. The problem is that she needs a dog to find. Her plan includes stealing a dog, then returning it to collect the reward. Georgina tracks her plan by making notes in a list she titles "How to Steal a Dog." Already grappling with guilt over stealing a dog, a wanderer named Mookie figures out her plan and tries discreetly to help lead her to make a better choice. Developing a friendship with the woman whose dog she stole also creates conflict for Georgina. In the end, Georgina confesses everything and returns the dog, learning that desperate times do not always call for desperate measures.

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