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How We Are Hungry: Stories Summary
Dave Eggers

Everything you need to understand or teach How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers.

  • How We Are Hungry: Stories Summary & Study Guide

How We Are Hungry: Stories Summary


Unnamed American Narrator in Egypt

The unnamed American narrator in Egypt is a forty-something man who has traveled to the region despite the warnings of the government not to do so in the post-9/11 landscape of "Another." The narrator is moderately successful, has been married twice, but suffers from anxiety and depression. He goes to Egypt, searching for an answer to the question of whether or not he will die like a bug -forgotten and inconsequential. He is given a tour of the pyramids by Hesham, a local man, to whom the narrator posits the question. Finding inconsequentiality in the Red Pyramid, the narrator and Hesham set off again to continue seeking answers, to see other pyramids.


Hesham is an Egyptian man in the story "Another" who meets the unnamed American narrator while in Egypt. Hesham offers to show the narrator to the Red Pyramid. There, the narrator...

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