House of Salt and Sorrows Summary
Erin A. Craig

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House of Salt and Sorrows Overview

In House of Salt and Sorrows, Erin A. Craig fuses the European fairy-tale genre with elements of gothic horror to create a captivating story for young adult readers. She toys with the famed story of the "Twelve Dancing Princesses" but places it in her own imagined world, where the protagonist, Annaleigh Thaumas must fight to protect her 11 sisters from a curse which is killing them off, one by one. By incorporating recognizable elements of fairy-tales, the gothic horror genre, as well as elements of classical mythology, Craig allows readers to feel familiar with her narrative before she introduces surprising twist after twist, subverting the very tropes she invokes. This book explores literary devices such as the wicked stepmother motif and the Prince Charming motif, drawn from European fairy-tales, as well as themes such as believing in one's self and duplicity.

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