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Horizons of Rooms Summary
W. S. Merwin

Everything you need to understand or teach Horizons of Rooms by W. S. Merwin.

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Horizons of Rooms Summary


"The Horizons of Rooms," from W. S. Merwin's 1988 collection The Rain In the Trees, published in New York City, is a solid example of the late style of one of the twentieth century's most influential poets. Merwin's work began in his postcollege years in the 1950s with a strong, intellectual mastery of the classical poetic forms. By the time of his 1967 collection, The Lice, he had developed a unique voice: terse and angry, the poems in this collection did without punctuation, as if what they had to say was too overwhelmingly personal for the writer to bother with conventions of grammar. The Lice was Merwin's best-known book, with over a dozen reprintings, leading a generation of poets in the late 1960s and early 1970s to copy his style to express their own social concerns. Merwin's later poetry shifted its focus toward the destruction of the environment and began showing...

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