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Homage to Catalonia Summary
George Orwell

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Homage to Catalonia Summary

Plot Summary

The Spanish Civil War began in July 1936, and continued through April 1, 1939. The civil war commenced, when a military coup was launched against the elected government of Spain, during the Second Spanish Republic. It resulted in the eventual defeat of the legitimate government. During the civil war, numerous groups with an extremely wide range of political and social views, generally referred to collectively as the Republicans, supported the government. The Republicans included strong contingents of Communists and anarchists and additionally included many residents of urban population centers. The Republican government was also particularly strong in industrial regions, including Catalonia and the Basque region.

The military coup, generally referred to collectively as the Nationalist cause, included primarily rural, wealthy and conservative elements. The Nationalists were also strongly supported by the Roman Catholic Church, as the Republicans were vehemently anti-clerical. While the Republicans favored a non-centralized, regionally independent approach to governance...

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