History of Rome (Mommsen) Summary
Theodor Mommsen

Everything you need to understand or teach History of Rome (Mommsen) by Theodor Mommsen.

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114,495 words, approx. 382 pages
BOOK FIRST The Period Anterior to the Abolition of the Monarchy —­Ta palaiotera saphos men eurein dia chronou pleithos adunata ein ek de tekmeirion on epi makrotaton skopounti moi pisteusai ... Read more
274,959 words, approx. 917 pages
BOOK FIFTH The Establishment of the Military Monarchy Wie er sich sieht so um und um, Kehrt es ihm fast den Kopf herum, Wie er wollt’ Worte zu allem finden?  Wie er mocht’ so viel Sch... Read more
242,098 words, approx. 807 pages
BOOK XXVII. Cneius Fulvius, proconsul, defeated by Hannibal and slain; the consul, Claudius Marcellus, engages him with better success.  Hannibal, raising his camp, retires; Marcellus pursues, an... Read more
112,313 words, approx. 375 pages
BOOK SECOND From the Abolition of the Monarchy in Rome to the Union of Italy —­dei ouk ekpleittein ton suggraphea terateuomenon dia teis iotopias tous entugchanontas.—­ Polybius. C... Read more
225,794 words, approx. 753 pages
BOOK IX. Titus Veturius and Spurius Postumius, with their army, surrounded by the Samnites at the Caudine forks; enter into a treaty, give six hundred hostages, and are sent under the yoke.  The ... Read more
918,259 words, approx. 3,061 pages
BOOK II:  From the Abolition of the Monarchy in Rome to the Union of Italy CHAPTER I. Change of the Constitution—­Limitation of the Power of the Magistrate II.  The Tribunate of t... Read more