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The Arab-Persian Trading Cities of East Africa Overview Beginning with the arrival of Arab and Persian merchants in the period from the ninth to the twelfth centuries, trade flourished on the East Afr... Read more
3,320 words, approx. 12 pages
Africa From the perspective of geologists and paleontologists, Africa takes center stage in the physical history and development of life on Earth. Africa is the world's second largest continent... Read more
5,361 words, approx. 18 pages
African Studies African studies simply defined is the systematic, scientific study of African peoples, and their institutions, culture, and history. But such a simple definition fails to encompass ade... Read more
57,565 words, approx. 192 pages
“Disaster parades today with impunity through the length and breadth of much of Africa: war, genocide, dictatorship, military government, corruption, collapsed economy, poverty, disease, and eve... Read more
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