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Judith Rossner

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His Little Women Summary

In His Little Women, the traditional values of love and family give people the strength they need to survive. The longing for parental love and approval is at the heart of His Little Women, as the title itself underscores. Despite Sam's absence from large parts of Nell's and Louisa's youth, he is the focus of all they do. Some critics have suggested that Rossner claims that women seek only their father's love and nothing else. Louisa and Nell compete for that love, and while at times it binds them together, it also sets them at odds. The drive for parental accep tance is so strong that Louisa abandons her own son to get it, seemingly oblivious to the irony of her actions. Most of the characters' problems as adults seem to stem from the absence or doubt of parental love. Violet, having lost her parents in the war...

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