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Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek god named Heracles.  His parents were Zeus and Hera.  Hera was mad at Zeus for sleeping with a mortal woman so she put two snakes into Hercules' crib... Read more
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In the world today, the first step to finding one's purpose is discovering more about one's self. In "The Three Labours of Hercules" we can find a journey taking place in which this is shown. One may ... Read more
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Hercules What does it take to be the world's greatest hero? This is explained in the mythological story of Hercules and his many adventures. Hercules cared for people close to him and for strangers ... Read more
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Disney's Hercules is the story of the Greek hero, Hercules, and his quest to become a true hero. When he was a baby, Hades, the God of the underworld, ordered him to be killed. The plans fail and Herc... Read more
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He rescued Hesione, the princess of Troy. He fought immortals including Appollo and he helped the gods in the epic battle against the giants who tried to take over Mount Olympus. He traveled to the ... Read more
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Hercules is the story of a demigod, who is the son of the Olympian god, Zeus. The two versions of the story of Hercules that we have seen in class differ greatly, and I have written this paper to exp... Read more
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In ancient Greece, people idolized their heroes for their abilities to overcome obstacles and accomplish great deeds. Achieving greatness required exceptional strength in certain intelligences. In al... Read more
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Hercules Imagine killing a lion with nothing but one's hands and feet. In the myth of Hercules, a lion that was invulnerable to any spear or arrow is slain with man's basic fighting tools. Hercule... Read more
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In the Greek myths, Hercules is shown with mixed personality traits. He is a good hero over all, but he also has to struggle with his evil impulses. Hercules is known for his super human strength an... Read more
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Several heroes have been witnessed by readers in Greek legends, each hero accomplishing the goal of his or her life. Hercules is one of them, because his life journey is similar to the life of other m... Read more