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Her Sweet Jerome Summary
Alice Walker

Everything you need to understand or teach Her Sweet Jerome by Alice Walker.

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Her Sweet Jerome Summary


Narrator (Mrs. Jerome Franklin Washington III)

Described as an awkward, big-boned black woman, an ugly woman. She runs her own beauty shop behind her father's funeral parlor. She makes good money and feels superior because of this. She is prideful and feels superior despite having no education. She falls in love with Jerome the moment she sees him and vows she will be his wife; indeed, she succeeds in marrying Jerome. She continues buying him things throughout their relationship. Even though Jerome is physically and emotionally abusive to her, she considers him "her sweet Jerome." She lies to herself that he really does like what he sees, and she keeps up her appearances by denying that he beats her-she tells people what a gentlemen he is to her. She does not like women schoolteachers, partly out of jealousy that those are the only women Jerome talks to and partly...

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