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Essays & Analysis (5)

6,724 words, approx. 23 pages
Michael Goldman, Princeton University Then and now are not so far apart, as my reader may confirm by trying to think back to when this sentence began. When did that then cease to be now? For that mat... Read more
13,806 words, approx. 47 pages
In the following excerpt, Hardin studies the thematic links between ceremony and proper rulership in the Henriad. Apologia Arguing that in Shakespeare scholarship "the ideas of the time have be... Read more
9,694 words, approx. 33 pages
Jean-Christophe Mayer, Université Paul-Valéry—Montpellier III Now for our consciences: the arms are fair When the intent of bearing them is just. 1 Henry IV, 5.2.87-88 The words of ... Read more
10,532 words, approx. 36 pages
In the following essay, Traub considers how Falstaff and Katherine of Shakespeare's Henriad "are constructed as female Others who must be repudiated or subjugated in order for Prince Hal... Read more
12,912 words, approx. 44 pages
Maurice Hunt, Baylor University Granted the late-medieval, early fifteenth-century settings of Shakespeare's 1 and 2 Henry IV and Henry V, theater audiences are not surprised by the large numb... Read more