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Essays & Analysis (3)

3,848 words, approx. 13 pages
In the following essay, Ciklamini focuses on Snorri's complex characterization of Grégóríús in the Heimskringla. Heimskringla is full of admiration for the martial s... Read more
19,124 words, approx. 64 pages
In the following excerpt, Ciklamini provides overviews of the three sections of the Prose Edda and of the sagas found in Heimskringla. I Introduction Snorri's best-known and most popular work i... Read more
5,485 words, approx. 19 pages
In the following essay, Kuhn discusses the role of folktale elements in the narratgive and structure of Heimskringla. Introduction At the conference of the International Society for Folk Narrative Res... Read more