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16,725 words, approx. 56 pages
Defining Health and Wellness Individual health is closely linked to community health—the health of the community in which individuals live, work, and play. Likewise, community health is profou... Read more
18,587 words, approx. 62 pages
Health Minority groups face particular health-care challenges in addition to those of the general population. The Office of Minority Health was created in 1985 to advocate culturally and linguisticall... Read more
3,512 words, approx. 12 pages
Health and Disease Why care about the precise definitions of the words health, disease, and illness? Their meanings seem self-evident: Health is the absence of disease, illness the experience of disea... Read more
15,622 words, approx. 53 pages
Health and Medicine Timeline 1600–1899 ∼ Breaking Ground William Harvey describes the circulation of blood in England (1628) / Edward Jenner develops smallpox vaccination in England (17... Read more
56,605 words, approx. 189 pages
“People are getting messages [about nutrition] from the left and right, often about just the latest findings from a new study, and that’s not usually sufficiently reliable ..., and that ca... Read more
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