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Hate List Summary
Jennifer Brown

Everything you need to understand or teach Hate List by Jennifer Brown.

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Hate List Summary

Plot Summary

Hate List is the debut novel by award-winning writer Jennifer Brown. In this novel, Valerie Leftman must return to school five months after her boyfriend, Nick, took a gun and shot their classmates, many of whom Valerie placed on a list she dubbed the hate list. Many of the kids and most of the adults think Valerie knew of Nick's plot to kill the kids on the list despite the fact that Valerie saved the life of one girl and was shot herself. Even the police thought Valerie responsible until an unnamed girl went to the police and insisted that Valerie never shot anyone. In Hate List, Valerie and everyone around her must pick up the pieces after tragedy, creating a story that is both universal and so unique that it will leave the reader changed on a fundamental level.

Valerie Leftman has elected to return to her...

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