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Harriet Martineau (1802-1876), an English writer and an adherent of positivist philosophy, was one of the most widely admired writers of her day.Harriet Martineau was born in Norwich on June 12, 1802.... Read more
2,500 words, approx. 9 pages
A writer of eclectic interests and limitless enthusiasms, Harriet Martineau was a novelist, political economist, journalist, travel writer, essayist, historian, translator, editor, and autobiographer.... Read more
2,772 words, approx. 10 pages
Harriet Martineau's "somewhat remarkable" life, her controversial books and essays, and her strongly held convictions on such diverse matters as slavery, woman's rights, farming, medicine, and religio... Read more
8,338 words, approx. 28 pages
Harriet Martineau exhibited remarkable intellectual precocity, discovering John Milton's Paradise Lost (1667) at age seven. Beginning with her study of Malthusian political economy at age fourteen and... Read more
3,501 words, approx. 12 pages
In her autobiography Harriet Martineau states emphatically that authorship was never "a matter of choice" for her. She wrote not "for amusement, or for money, or for fame, or for any reason but becaus... Read more
5,849 words, approx. 20 pages
A woman of keen intellect and prodigious energy, Harriet Martineau transformed the nature of travel writing, making it into an investigative tool of the social sciences, a branch of study in which the... Read more
6,449 words, approx. 22 pages
In the obituary she wrote for herself, Harriet Martineau claimed that her powers as a writer derived merely from "earnestness and intellectual clearness within a certain range," that she had "small im... Read more
547 words, approx. 2 pages
Harriet Martineau (1802-1874), the "founding mother of sociology", was the daughter of an English textile manufacturer who lost his business during a depression in 1825 and died in 1826. Martineau sup... Read more