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Hallucinations (book) Summary
Oliver Sacks

Everything you need to understand or teach Hallucinations (book) by Oliver Sacks.

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Hallucinations Summary

Plot Summary

Hallucinations, by Oliver Stacks, is an extraordinary look at the causes and circumstances surrounding one of the most controversial symptoms in today's neurological field. Sacks examines a variety of reasons normal, everyday citizens might have hallucinations, and helps to remove the stigma often associated with these. His book is informative and technical, while giving enough real world context and examples to make it enjoyable for most readers.

Hallucination begins with an Introduction by Oliver Sacks who discusses the stigma often surrounding hallucinations. He opens the book with a discussion of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a disease in which hallucinations occur in those who are technically blind due to degenerative visual impairment. He continues by looking at sensory deprivation, and the hallucinations that occur for those who are in places of visual or sensory monotony, such as prisoners in confinement. He then examines hallucinatory smells, focusing on scents that may...

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