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Habitat A habitat is the environment in which an organism, species, or community lives. Habitats can be classified in a number of ways in order to compare them at different times, across different geo... Read more
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This computer-generated close up of the TransHab Module crew quarters is an example of the living space available in such a module. Habitats One of the earliest designs for living in space was ... Read more
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Habitat The word habitat is often used by humans to designate a particular kind of local environment--a hardwood forest, a marsh, or a coral reef. In biology, it is used to designate that distinct env... Read more
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Essential Fish Habitat Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) is a federal provision to conserve and sustain the habitats that fish need to go through their life cycles. The United States Congress in 1996 add... Read more
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Habitat Refers to the type of environment in which an organism or species occurs, as defined by its physical properties (e.g., rainfall, temperature, topographic position, soil texture, soil moisture)... Read more
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