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Graven Images Summary
Paul Fleischman

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Graven Images Summary


Miss Evangeline Frye appears in The Binnacle Boy

Miss Evangeline Frye is the main character in "The Binnacle Boy." Miss Frye is a widow who lives in New Bethany. She is the mother of one of the boys murdered aboard the brig Orion. Miss Frye is an imposing woman, tall with a straight spine and long, coarse, gray hair who is more likely to be seen frowning or sneering than smiling. Her behavior is very proper and every rule of etiquette must be observed or it meets with Miss Frye's withering disapproval.

Miss Frye keeps to herself to the degree that she is practically a hermit. She blames society for many of her problems, including the corruption of her sons. Miss Frye is selfish which can be seen throughout the story, even when she rescues Ethan. Miss Frye treats Ethan like a doll that she is unwilling to share...

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