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Going Too Far Summary
Jennifer Echols

Everything you need to understand or teach Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols.

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Going Too Far Summary

Plot Summary

Going Too Far is a novel by author Jennifer Echols. The story follows the main character, Meg, a 17-year-old girl who is rebelling against her parents and even the authorities. At the beginning of the book, Meg and her friends are arrested for underage drinking and trespassing on a train bridge in their small town in Alabama. As a punishment for their behavior, three of the four teens have to shadow a cop, a paramedic, and a firefighter for the week of their spring break vacation from school. Meg is paired with the cop - the same one that arrested her in the first place. What Meg doesn't realize, at first, is the cop is a boy that she attended high school with just a year prior to her arrest.

As the week of punishment unfolds, Officer Jon After and Meg grow so close that they plan to...

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