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Going Bovine Summary
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Going Bovine Summary

Plot Summary

Cameron Smith is an angry 16-year-old loner. His sister, Jenna, is a popular girl who has what Cameron doesn't seem to want: friends, popularity, and good grades. Cameron's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, have a distant relationship and Cameron can barely tolerate spending time with either of them. Cameron deals with his family issues by smoking pot and listening to Portuguese music by the Great Tremolo, an off-key singer with a ukulele.

After what seems to be a bad drug experience, Cameron begins to hallucinate and his body stops responding to his commands. A trip to the doctor, and the psychiatrist, reveals that Cameron has Greutzfeldt-Jakob disease. In layman's terms, Mad Cow disease. Cameron's body will begin to degenerate and so will his mind, he doesn't have much time left and there is no cure.

Cameron is in the hospital when he makes his first friend, a dwarf...

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