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God Emperor of Dune Summary
Frank Herbert

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God Emperor of Dune Summary

Plot Summary

God Emperor of Dune describes the climax of the millennia-long "Golden Path" by which Leto II Atreides sacrifices everything and tyrannically prevents the extinction of humankind.

The God Emperor Leto II is nearing the end of his anticipated 4,000-year lifespan and reign according to the "Golden Path." Siona Atreides, a beautiful rebel leader is the daughter of Leto's majordomo, Moneo. Hoping to find his vast stash of melange, she steals plans to Leto's citadel and journals that show he can be defeated through love. An undercover Fish Speaker and religious fanatic, Nayla, spies on Siona but is sworn by Leto to absolute obedience. When the current Duncan Idaho ghola attempts to kill Leto using an Ixian weapon, a new ambassador and replacement Idaho are required. Knowing only his death can restore Dune's ecology and that Siona must thereafter play a special role, Leto prepares to test her.


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