God's Radar Summary
Fran Arrick

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God's Radar Summary

God's Radar is a novel about the changes that affect the life of a teenage girl when her parents join a strict, fundamentalist church. However, this is not a book about religion itself, or its different aspects. It deals with the subtle yet successful efforts of a church to capture and change the ideas, attitudes, and eventually the entire life of its members. Since family values have become a political as well as a religious issue, this novel is very timely and topical, and the reader gains an insight into the mindset and workings of organized fundamental religion and control fundamentalist churches exercise over their members. Arrick does not support or condemn the Stafford Hill Baptist Church, or Roxie's parents who long for a simple time and simple faith in a complicated world. Rather, the final judgment of whether fifteen-yearold Roxie is right in joining her family, or...

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