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The Development of Glassmaking in the Ancient World Overview Glass is an inorganic solid substance. It is usually translucent, hard, and resists natural elements. While glass occurs naturally, it is o... Read more
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Antonio Neri Reveals the Secrets of Glassmaking and Helps Make High Quality Glass Available to the World Overview The second oldest of all manmade materials (after bronze) is glass, which for thousand... Read more
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Glass Although a glass is a substance that is non-crystalline, it is almost completely undeformable and therefore brittle. A glass exists in a state of matter termed a vitreous state. Vitreous substan... Read more
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Glass A glass is a substance that is non-crystalline yet almost completely undeformable. This state is called the vitreous state. Vitreous substances, when heated, will transform slowly through stages... Read more
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Glass Glass, given its durability and versatility, plays an important role in human culture. Generally manufactured by heating sand (silica), soda (alkali), lime, and other ingredients at high tempera... Read more
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