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Getting Near to Baby Summary
Audrey Couloumbis

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Getting Near to Baby Summary


Getting Near to Baby is the story of thirteen-year-old Willa Jo Dean and seven-yearold Little Sister (Jo Ann), two girls grieving for their baby sister. After the baby's death, the girls' mother becomes deeply depressed, so Aunt Patty decides that it would be best for the two girls to come stay with her for a while. Although Aunt Patty does her best to offer the two sisters everything, the young girls miss their mother and baby sister and nothing seems to be able to comfort them.

One morning, Willa Jo and Little Sister climb up onto Aunt Patty's roof to watch the sun rise and do not come back down.

From their perch high above, Willa Jo and Little Sister begin a journey of inner exploration recalling and reliving the baby's death and its aftermath.

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