Geronimo's Ponies Summary
Harold Burton Meyers

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Geronimo's Ponies Summary

Geronimo's Ponies is a rite-of-passage tale about a boy's learning to take the initiative to deal with some of life's more unpleasant problems. Davey lives with his father on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico; his father represents the U.S. government in his part of the reservation and must deal with the Navajo's problems with using their land productively, as well as with their resentment against the United States for the government's broken promises.

Davey's mother has died from a long illness. Of her many relatives, only her brother Eph came to visit her. He is an eccentric man who has made and squandered millions of dollars twice and is looking to do so again. In spite of his kindness to Davey's mother, he is a liar and a thief, so it is not surprising that Davey's father refuses to join him in his latest scheme to...

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