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Advances in Geological Science, 1450-1699 Overview During this period, the study of the Earth began to change dramatically from a nearly complete reliance on religion for an explanation of the Earth&#... Read more
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Field Methods in Geology Geology is, at heart, a field science. Even though much work is done in the laboratory and at the computer, geological samples and information must initially be obtained from ... Read more
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Geology Geologists from Hawaiian Volcano Observatory studying the crust of a cooled lava flow from Kilauea, Hawaii, Hawaii. © Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis. Reproduced by permission. Geology is... Read more
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Marine Transgression and Marine Regression Marine transgression occurs when an influx of the sea covers areas of previously exposed land. The reverse process, called marine regression, takes place whe... Read more
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Geology Geology is a general term for the group of sciences that study the solid Earth, its materials, and processes. The numerous subdisciplines of geology may be divided into two major categories: p... Read more