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Geneticist Geneticists, or genetic scientists, study heredity. Heredity is the process by which certain characteristics of an organism are handed down from parent to offspring. Geneticists study plant... Read more
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Geneticist Genetics intersects almost every other field of biology. For this reason, professionals with a genetics education have a broad range of career opportunities. The recent success of the Human... Read more
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Statistical Geneticist Statistical geneticists are highly trained scientific investigators who are specialists in both statistics and genetics. Training in both statistics and genetics is necessary, a... Read more
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Geneticists and Careers in Genetics The burgeoning field of genetics offers a wide range of career options. While many careers in genetics require advanced degrees, there is also a need for computer p... Read more
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Genetic Testing and Counseling Genetic testing examines the genetic information contained inside a person's cells to determine if that person has or will develop a certain disease or could pass a dise... Read more
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