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Garden State (film) Summary
Zach Braff

Everything you need to understand or teach Garden State (film) by Zach Braff.

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Garden State Summary

Summary and Analysis

As Garden State begins, we see a plane experiencing major problems in the midst of a thunderstorm. The camera then zooms in on Andrew Largeman sitting in the plane staring at the air vent. In the background, a phone begins to ring. We realize that the plan scenario is a dream, and we see Andrew lying in a white bed in a room with white walls that looks rather like an institution. His father begins leaving a message on the machine and Andrew lies in bed watching the fan. His father begs Andrew to come home and tells him that his mother died last night by drowning in the bathtub. Andrew doesn't move; he just closes his eyes. We see Andrew looking into a split mirror, and when he opens it we see a medicine cabinet filled with prescription bottles.

Andrew is in his car...

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Garden State Film Summary

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