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Furious Gulf Summary
Gregory Benford

Everything you need to understand or teach Furious Gulf by Gregory Benford.

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Furious Gulf Summary

Plot Summary

The last remnant of the Family Bishop flees on Argo, a spaceship they are unequipped to operate. The myriapodia Quath resides on Argo's hull. Pursued by mechs, they enter the galactic jet of a black hole near True Center, hoping to be spewed out. Following a Magnetic Mind that relays a message from Killeen's father, Abraham, Argo slips into a time pit. They arrive in an alternate space-time called esty, at Port Athena. Processed by a clerk named Andro, the Cap'n offers Quath to the esty dwarves, along with the Legacies from Argo. Toby objects and evades punishment by fleeing into the esty lanes accompanied by Quath. The mechs find them in the Lanes. Under attack from the Mantis, Quath is wounded and insists that Toby flee. Toby wanders the esty, encountering humans, scavengers and barely escaping the Mantis. Finally, he is ushered into a mysterious pyramid by...

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