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Foundation's Edge Summary
Isaac Asimov

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Foundation's Edge Summary

Plot Summary

FOUNDATION'S EDGE looks at the Milky Way Galaxy halfway through the timeline of the Seldon Plan, as ambitious rulers of the First and Second Foundations vie for total control. The reclusive people of Gaia, who share a common mind, arrange a rendezvous and leave it to intuitive protagonist Golan Trevize to decide the Galaxy's future.

Golan Trevize, a brash freshman, First Foundation Councilman, is exiled from Terminus for treason, for claiming that Hari Seldon's analysis made 500 years earlier matches the current situation too perfectly to be authentic. Trevize and an older companion, Professor Janov Pelorat, are ostensibly to search the great Library on Trantor for information on the mythical planet Earth/Gaia, while, in fact, Trevize is to locate the Second Foundation, which Branno believes is manipulating the Plan. She is unaware that Trantor is home to the Second Foundation and that Councilman Munn Li Compor, Trevize's betrayer...

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