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Flush Summary
Carl Hiaasen

Everything you need to understand or teach Flush by Carl Hiaasen.

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Flush Summary

Plot Summary

Flush by Carl Hiaasen is the story of Noah Underwood, a youngster who lives in the Florida Keys with his mother, father and younger sister. Life is carefree for young Noah spending his days fishing, snorkeling, boating and hanging with friends and sister in the warm Floridian surf and sun. But things change when suddenly his father, Paine, winds up in jail.

Noah visits his father and is at first confused why his good and loving father is in jail. He learns that Paine sunk the gambling boat, the Coral Queen, that was moored in a local marina because it was dumping sewage—including human waste—into the pristine waters of the marina. Once Noah fully understands the danger of this practice, he is on board with his father.

Noah loves both his parents and has to play the peacemaker between them. His father is a...

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Study Pack

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