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Flight Behavior: A Novel Summary
Barbara Kingsolver

Everything you need to understand or teach Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.

  • Flight Behavior: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Flight Behavior: A Novel Summary

Plot Summary

Dellarobia Turnbow was born and raised in Feathertown, Tennessee in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and feels trapped in her rural, mommy life and shotgun marriage. One November day she finally feels ready to throw it all away for an affair with a young telephone repairman. Yet as she climbs the mountain on the back part of the family farm to meet her potential lover, she sees an epic vision of orange covering the trees and flying into the sky across a valley on another ridge. Without her glasses she can't see what it is, but her religious upbringing makes her think it is a sign that she is making a bad decision and she returns home to her husband Cub and young children, Preston and Cordelia.

Dellarobia and Cub share their property with Cub's parents, Hester and Bear. Because of the collapsed economy and terrible weather that ruined...

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Flight Behavior: A Novel Study Guide

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