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Flashman at the Charge Summary
George MacDonald Fraser

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Flashman at the Charge Summary

Plot Summary

Flashman at the Charge is, ostensibly, the fourth part of the cache of "Flashman Papers" discovered late in the 20th century and published by George MacDonald Fraser. Octogenarian Harry Flashman, retired as a Brigadier-General from the British Army early in the 20th century writes a memorial of his seemingly illustrious career. This novel deals with the Crimean War (1853-54), during which "Flashy" is the only man who participates in all three skirmishes of the fabled Battle of Balaclava, falls prisoner of war to the Russians, and is nearly forced to work on their behalf in the planned Russian invasion of India, but plays a major role in preventing it.

Captain Harry Flashman ("Flashy"), a bully, a knave, and a coward at heart who somehow always blunders into a position to be seen as a hero, does his best to avoid going to the front in the Crimean War...

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