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Ung, Loung

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First They Killed My Father is a harrowing account of one family's experiences in Cambodia during the time of the Pol Pot government and the subsequent Vietnamese -- called 'Youn' in the book -- liberation. The novel begins in Phnom Penh and then follows Loung Ung, the protagonist, as she flees her home town with her family and begins a life of relocation and work in various labor camps, with the siblings being split up and several losses occurring along the way. The book explores themes such as wartime propaganda, hatred and revenge, and familial love as Loung Ung traces her own and her family's history with nostalgia, sympathy, and a longing for the innocence she lost during the war. It is a deftly-written and heart-wrenching account of a true historical event, made more poignant by the author's descriptions of her loved ones and their suffering.

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Loung Ung was only five years old when the Khmer Rouge began their murderous siege on Cambodia. In her autobiographical book, First They Killed My Father, Ung gives a riveting first person account ... Read more
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`First They Killed My Father' is set in Cambodia, it tells a story of the author Loung Ung and her family's survival. The family went through a great ordeal; some were strong and managed to survive wh... Read more
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First They Killed My Father: Chapter Analysis Phnom Penh April 1975 Luong Ung introduces her life in Phnom Penh. We learn of her love for the city market and her favorite part of the city being the... Read more
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"First They Killed My Father shows the power of family ties." Discuss Pol Pot's reign tore apart the lives of one fifth of the population in Cambodia during the period stretching from 1975 to 1989. L... Read more
838 words, approx. 3 pages
Luong Ung - First They Killed My Father "Beauty and status are fleeting. What really matters is the ability to survive." Discuss Pol Pot was a man behind the horrific genocide, which took place in C... Read more
710 words, approx. 3 pages
"War often brings out the best and the worst in human behavior." Discuss in light of First they Killed my Father. The Pol Pot regime aimed to create Cambodia a "classless pure Agrarian society" in Lo... Read more
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