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The First Amendment guarantees the right of free speech, but there are many other forms of the first amendment. The most common, is pure speech, which is the use of the spoken word to transport a par... Read more
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What is the age that a person should be able to claim rights under the first amendment? The first thing would come to most people's mind is eighteen. However, upon examination, someone could easily... Read more
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I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America. Ever since the Pledge was created, Americans took pride in memorizing, and reciting it. Reciting the pledge was a symbol of respe... Read more
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The first amendment gives Americans some of the most important freedoms today. It includes freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and peaceable assembly, many of which we take for granted. O... Read more
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All forms of "expression" should be allowed, whether it's it is in the guise of speech, art, symbolism, or any other form of the freedom granted by the First Amendment. The freedom of speech is one g... Read more
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Libraries provide patrons with many different sources of information including books, magazines, newspapers, videos, films, audio tapes, and many other types of informative tools that help us get thro... Read more