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Motion Pictures During World Wars I and II The American motion picture industry began making war movies soon after its first filmmakers stepped behind their cameras and yelled, "Action!"... Read more
1,730 words, approx. 6 pages
Capturing Life Onscreen: the Invention of Motion Pictures Overview Motion pictures combined three earlier technologies. Early nineteenth-century experimenters knew how to make drawings appear to move,... Read more
1,181 words, approx. 4 pages
Motion Picture The science of photography gave birth to modern motion pictures. This was not, however, a rapid process. The motion pictures we know today are the result of a long evolution of arts and... Read more
8,064 words, approx. 27 pages
Male Domination of the Hollywood Screen On every Hollywood front, and for nearly every major screen talent, the 1960s proved to be far more agreeable to male actors. In particular, the years from 1967... Read more
21,528 words, approx. 72 pages
The Postwar Motion Picture Industry After the shooting stops..., Hollywood naturally will go back to the business of making films strictly for profit. But it will also do something else. Now that Holl... Read more
16,095 words, approx. 54 pages
The Motion Picture Industry in 1940 1941 Prologue: January 1940 The American cinema in early 1940 was a study in paradox, with Hollywood in the full flowering of its "golden age" while the industry fo... Read more
The Motion Picture Industry During World War II World War II was the best of times and the worst of times for the American film industry. It was a period of challenge and change, of anxiety and accomp... Read more