False Memory Summary
Dean Koontz

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False Memory Summary

Koontz explores the social dynamics that produce sociopaths. More than anything else he blames families: self-obsessed parents who finance their offspring's every whim but who are completely indifferent to their child's psychological needs or cold, selfish parents for whom the child is a reflection of their own dreams and wishes, clay to be molded into whatever the parents want most—a miniature image of themselves, a genius who will bring them accolades, a social climber who will help them rise to the top. However, Skeet and Dusty share the same mother, and both had arrogant, selfish fathers or step-fathers, yet they both seem to have been born with good hearts and have resisted and rebelled against their parental models, so the individual, asserts Koontz, has some degree of free will in the matter. Skeet is the weaker of the two and has succumbed to drug abuse and...

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