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Extras Summary
Scott Westerfeld

Everything you need to understand or teach Extras by Scott Westerfeld.

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Extras Summary

Plot Summary

Extras by Scott Westerfeld is the fourth book in the Uglies Series. In this book, Aya is the younger sister of a highly successful kicker who wants to come up with a face changing kick of her own. When Aya sees a group of girls surfing the super-fast mag-lev trains, she infiltrates their group in order to kick their story. Instead, Aya stumbles across a story that is far bigger than mag-lev train surfers that will change not only her life, but will bring her face to face with the most famous person in the world, Tally Youngblood. Extras is a post script to the Uglies series that shows readers changes that have happened throughout the world since the mind-rain that fell in the final book of the trilogy.

Aya lives in a city in Japan where currency is based on a person's face rank. Aya's brother, Hiro...

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The Extras Study Pack contains about 34 pages of study material in 1 product, including:
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