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Human Missions to Mars Human flights to Mars will likely be the next major milestone in humankind's expansion into the solar system. Solving the complex problems of Mars' origin and hist... Read more
4,399 words, approx. 15 pages
Did Water Once Flow on the Surface of Mars ? Viewpoint: Yes, evidence from various Mars missions indicates that water once flowed on Mars and helped shape the current landscape. Viewpoint: No, the top... Read more
6,162 words, approx. 21 pages
Should a Manned Mission to Mars Be Attempted? Viewpoint: Yes, a manned mission to Mars is the next logical step for space exploration. Viewpoint: No, a manned mission to Mars would be an enormously ex... Read more
19,370 words, approx. 65 pages
For thousands of years, people have gazed into the night sky and wondered about the planet Mars. It was an object of particular fascination for ancient astrologers who looked to the heavens for guidan... Read more
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