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The Rise of Experiment Overview The publication in 1704 of Isaac Newton's (1642-1727) second major treatise, the Opticks, came at a significant moment in the development of experimental science... Read more
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Experimental Organisms For over a century, research scientists have studied experimental, or model, organisms to examine the mechanisms of inheritance and development. In more recent times, researcher... Read more
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Experiments Sociologists usually reserve the term experiment for studies in which the researcher manipulates one or more key independent variables; that is, for studies in which the experimenter contr... Read more
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Experimentation Experimentation is a foundational activity in modern science. Although several Renaissance thinkers prepared the way toward modern concepts of experimentation, Francis Bacon's N... Read more
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Experimentation and Instrumentation Experiment, William Herschel wrote, is a matter of "putting in action causes and agents over which we have control, and purposely varying their combinations,... Read more
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