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Eusebius EUSEBIUS (c. 260/70–c. 339), a Christian bishop of Caesarea in Palestine from 314, was a leading early Christian historian, exegete, and apologist. A disciple of Pamphilus at Caesarea,... Read more
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The Euro Versus the Pound: Britain and the European Single Currency The Conflict From March 1, 2002, forward, 12 European countries—Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, I... Read more
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European Union: Advancements and Delays in European Integration The Conflict As the European Union (EU) expands its membership and settles into its new single monetary system, the need for clear and d... Read more
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Eustachian Tubes Left and right Eustachian tubes connect the corresponding left and right middle ears (tympanic cavities) to the back of the nose and throat, and function to allow the equalization of ... Read more
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European Union The European Union is an ever-evolving alliance of fifteen European countries designed to foster economic cooperation among its members. With its roots stretching back to just after Wor... Read more
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European Union The European Union (EU) is a political and monetary organization of European nations. Its members as of 2002 were Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland,... Read more
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European Union The European Union (EU) is an economic and political federation comprising 25 countries. The 15 original member nations are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,... Read more
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European Union The European Union (EU) is a grouping of states from Western, Eastern, and Central Europe. Those interested in politics view the EU with great interest because it is unique among region... Read more