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Geometry, Tools Of Plane (or Euclidean) geometry is the branch of mathematics that studies figures (such as points, lines, and angles) constructed only with the use of the straightedge and the compass... Read more
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The Three Unsolved Problems of Ancient Greece Overview The geometry of ancient Greece, as characterized by Euclid's famous book, the Elements, has formed the basis of much of modern mathematica... Read more
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Euclidean Construction The ancient Greeks felt that the line and the circle are the basic figures and the straightedge and compass are their physical analogues. Hence they were interested in what can ... Read more
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Euclidean Geometries Euclidean geometry, sometimes called parabolic geometry, is a geometry that follows a set of propositions that are based on Euclid's five postulates (see Euclid's axioms), as defi... Read more
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Euclid's Axioms Euclid's axioms are five postulates about the behavior of geometric objects; they constitute the foundation upon which Euclid built the entire edifice of geometry that is known today a... Read more
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Plane Geometry Plane geometry is that subsection of geometry that deals with figures in a two-dimensional plane. Euclidean geometry, sometimes called parabolic geometry, is divided into two subsection... Read more