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Ethical Issues in Genetics Research Modern genetics poses some of the most significant ethical problems that science has ever faced. As a result of recent advances, scientists are now able to engineer... Read more
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Ethics Overview Ethics is the study of questions of morality, the search to understand what is right, wrong, good, and bad. It is the branch of philosophy that systematically studies moral ideals and ... Read more
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Ethics in Social Research The immediacy of subject matter in social science underscores the importance of ethical issues in research by social scientists. This is particularly true in sociology. A rat... Read more
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Economics and Ethics Economics often is regarded as the most successful of the social sciences in developing a scientific theory of social behavior. Therefore, economics is a science with manifest eth... Read more
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Ethics Assessment Rubrics The introduction of new engineering accreditation criteria that includes "an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility" has firmly established th... Read more
3,223 words, approx. 11 pages
Ethics: Overview From the perspective of science, technology, and ethics, ethics itself—that is, critical reflection on human conduct—may be viewed as a science, as a technology, and as ... Read more
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Ethics Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines "ethics" as the "discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation," "a set of mo... Read more
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Ethics Personal rules for behavior. Ethics are rules for behavior, based on beliefs about how things should be. Ethical statements involve: 1) assumptions about humans and their capacities; 2) logical... Read more
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Ethics The first recorded dynasty in Chinese history is the Shang (1766–1050 BCE). It came to an end when the Zhou family overthrew the Shang and justified its act on the grounds that the Shang... Read more
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Ethics Ethics is the branch of philosophy that tries to understand a familiar type of evaluation: the moral evaluation of people's character traits, their conduct, and their institutions. We sp... Read more
36,974 words, approx. 124 pages
Ethics, History Of The term ethics is used in three different but related ways, signifying (1) a general pattern or "way of life," (2) a set of rules of conduct or "moral code,&#x... Read more
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Internalism and Externalism in Ethics Among the various uses of the term internalism in ethics, there are two that are central and importantly different. In the following entry, these two uses will be... Read more
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The controversy over the ethics of abortion centers around the question of when human life begins. Abortion opponents, believing the fetus to be a human being from the moment of conception, regard abo... Read more
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On June 5, 1998, United States attorney general Janet Reno declared that doctors who prescribed lethal medicine to terminally ill patients would not be prosecuted. The decision overturned a Drug Enfor... Read more