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Epistemology EPISTEMOLOGY. This branch of philosophy studies the nature, origin, and validity of knowledge; it is sometimes called "theory of knowledge." Epistemology has been central to... Read more
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Epistemology The term epistemology is used with two separate meanings according to different cultural traditions. In English-speaking countries, epistemology denotes the philosphical theory of knowled... Read more
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Causal or Conditional or Explanatory-Relation Accounts Edmund Gettier attacked the traditional analysis of knowledge by showing that inferring a true belief from a false but justified belief produces ... Read more
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Criteriology "Science of criteria" or "criteriology" is a term, originally neoscholastic, for a theory of knowledge in which judgments are warranted or justified simply by ... Read more
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Epistemology, Circularity In Issues concerning circularity figure prominently in epistemology, finding a place in discussions of topics ranging from the Cartesian circle, to the problem of the criteri... Read more
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Epistemology Epistemology attempts to explain the nature and scope of knowledge and rational belief. Its purview also includes formulating and assessing arguments for skeptical conclusions that we do ... Read more
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Epistemology, History of [addendum] Knowledge (ʿilm) has occupied a central place in the Islamic intellectual tradition. The religious incentive for this stems from the fact that the Islamic be... Read more
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Epistemology, History Of Epistemology, or the theory of knowledge, is that branch of philosophy which is concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge, its presuppositions and basis, and the genera... Read more
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Epistemology, Religious [addendum] The most significant development in religious epistemology at the beginning of the new millennium was the completion of Alvin Plantinga's trilogy on warrant a... Read more
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Internalism Versus Externalism Internalism in epistemology is a thesis about the nature of epistemic normativity, or the sort of normativity that is involved in the evaluation of cognition. Specifical... Read more
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Pragmatist Epistemology William James's observation that "when … we give up the doctrine of objective certitude, we do not thereby give up the quest or hope of truth itself&#x0022... Read more