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Emotions Emotions arise in individual experience, frequently with noticeable physiological signs, such as a racing heart, flushed or pallid face, tense gut, cold hands, and so forth, and thus may seem... Read more
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Emotion The role of emotions in moral behavior has been debated by ethicists since ancient Greece. The scientific study of emotions is much more recent, yet the advances in twenty-first century unders... Read more
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Risk and Emotion Technologies, particularly if they are new, often give rise to emotional reactions that are based on perceived risks. Recent examples of such technological risks involve cloning and... Read more
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Emotion Over the centuries, the emotions have proven to be a notoriously recalcitrant philosophical subject, defying easy classification and stubbornly straddling accepted philosophical distinctions. ... Read more
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Emotional Change Timeline 1830–1919 ∼ Tentative Expression of Emotions Emotions are gender specific / Reason, not love, should determine marriages / Dolls’ wardrobes include mourn... Read more