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Election: A Novel Summary
Tom Perrotta

Everything you need to understand or teach Election (novel) by Tom Perrotta.

  • Election: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Election: A Novel Summary

Plot Summary

Set in Winwood, New Jersey, Tom Perrotta's novel "Election" is a story of high school politics and student election drama. Mr. M., a popular history teacher, encourages Paul Warren, a good kid, to run for Student Government Association president against Tracy Flick, a manipulative over-achiever. When Lisa Flanagan decides to be Paul's campaign manager and begins dating him, Paul's sister Tammy (a lesbian who failed to seduce Lisa, her former best friend), decides to run against Paul as well.

Meanwhile, Mr. M. has an affair with the divorced wife, Sherry, of former English teacher Jack Dexter, who himself had an affair with Tracy Flick. The fallout from Dexter's affair resulted in the loss of his job, smashing his car windshield, and returning home to live with his parents. Mr. M.'s affair is revealed to his wife the same day of the election, which Tracy wins. Mr. M...

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